Find 'Good Times' at 'Deck Jam'

There's almost no part of her life that she keeps private. In fact, some 2,000 people follow what she calls "True Stories" on Facebook.

"Every single day I keep it real and something in my life happens, either ridiculously depressing or overwhelmingly inspirational. It's every day," said Kelleigh, who shares her incredible experiences on Facebook. "I don't create it, it's just what happens and I often wonder 'Why me?' because I suppose I'm the least person that you would think would be chosen to talk about divine intervention but it is what it is."

Kelleigh's belief in help from above runs deep. Three years ago Good Times was on the brink of foreclosure until a man handed her a check for $42,000.

"I didn't even know his name and I paid my property tax. That doesn't just happen," said Kelleigh.

Two weeks ago, Good Times got a brand new sprinkler system that cost $6,000. Kelleigh didn't shell out a dime.

"A couple, when they park their car to go fishing, they love walking by my garden," said Kelleigh.

She's so intent on giving back to those who opened their hearts and arms to her that she doesn't consider herself a restaurant owner anymore.

"I don't own a restaurant anymore, I gave it to the people," said Kelleigh. "You listen to what the people want and what is important to them. I happen to be a professional chef who loves French food but I don't sell anything French; it's not about me, it's not what I want or my envision of this restaurant."

Her customers are the type of people she needs in her life, said Kelleigh, who even takes photos of fishermen's catches and displays them in a digital picture frame by the front door.

"I only surround myself with positive people that bring me joy. There's no exception to the rule," said Kelleigh.

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