Broadcast association president stepping down after 31 years

Broadcasters are a very creative group, which is why despite an ever-growing pool of competition, broadcast journalism is alive and well, said New York State Broadcasters Association President Joe Reilly.

"FM radio came along and they said it was the demise of AM. Citizen radio came along and they said it was the demise of radio in general. When DVDS came along they said it was going to be the ruination of television and we've been able to sustain our viability through all kinds of competition and I think we'll be able to create new ways to compete with added competition," said Reilly.

Few know better than Reilly, who spent 40 years in the industry and 32 with NYSBA where he turned penniless into thriving.

"I'm proud of what we've accomplished. When I started here we were virtually broke and now we're in very good shape financially," said Reilly.

Reilly, of Voorheesville, will retire from the helm of NYSBA at the end of June, but the legacy he built will sustain the transition and he said he's confident it is fully prepared for the future.

"We have a great staff and are geared for the future very well," said Reilly.

NYSBA is the gatekeeper of the broadcast industry of New York. Its mission is to "protect the free Albany air broadcast industry" and has members spanning the state, including major networks.

"What that means is we try to protect our members from what we would consider to be unnecessary laws that would have negative impact on our business and vice versa to promote rules and regulations that would help our industry," said Reilly.

Reilly spent his tenure building the most functional, multi-faceted and effective association he could.

One program he established to generate revenue is the reason for many of the Army National Guard public service announcements and other non-profit commercials shown locally on TV.

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