Broadcast association president stepping down after 31 years

"We assist various non-profit entities, including the state, and receive a grant from [them]," said Reilly. "For example, the Army National Guard; we get a grant from them and all our member stations run public service announcements promoting recruitment and we've been very instrumental in the guards staying at their budget and meeting their recruitment levels every year."

Grant income goes to performing member service, like training member sales people, putting on news seminars and funding an internship and scholarship program.

"We turn all that money that we receive from these non-profits into member services and have been very successful at it," said Reilly.

There have been too many victories to count, said Reilly, but one of his proudest moments was opening New York's courts to cameras and microphones.

"That was one of my more significant accomplishments, cameras in the courtroom," said Reilly. "I've always believed the courts belong to the people and we couldn't get access for years we shouldn't be limited to 50 seats in a courtroom and should be able to see what goes on."

His rise to fame within the very industry he strives to protect was a colorful one and spanned radio DJ to station owner of WWOM (Wonderful World of Music) in Albany for 10 years.

The decades of hard work didn't feel like work at all, though.

"One thing I've learned in life is if you're passionate about what you do, it's not really work. If you don't like what you do, just get out," said Reilly. "My life passed very quickly because I've had fun."

His positivity overshadows the bumps he's overcome along the way and he said attitude is everything.

"The thing that keeps me going is my Type A personality and to have an active mind. Even having things to worry about is better than not having anything on my mind," said Reilly. "It's all about balance, enough to keep you going"too much you have ulcers and a nervous breakdown, not enough means depression."

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