RFP process still questioned

Republican Town Board candidate Pete Molinaro is still pressing the town on its Request for Proposal for a private partnership for the town's landfill operations.

During the public comment section of a Town Board meeting held on Thursday, June 23, Molinaro asked what progress has been made or what stage of the process the town is on regarding the RFP.

We're still in negotiations, and while we're in negotiations, we can't really discuss it, said Colonie Supervisor Paula Mahan. "It's moving along and negotiations are going well. I can tell you that much."

This led Molinaro to assert someone had already been chosen. Mahan said that was not the case as there are still six companies that are involved in the process. Once an agreement is reached, she said, the town will be able to go public on who it is working with and release a timeline.

This was confusing to Molinaro, who said he didn't understand how the town was able to negotiate with six companies. He said the way the process generally works is an operator is selected and then evaluated.

"I don't understand where negotiations come in," he said. "I don't understand how you're negotiating with someone that hasn't been chosen yet."

Molinaro has criticized the town for not releasing meeting minutes of the town's Landfill Exploratory Committee, which was created in July 2010. He has since asked that the RFP process be public as well because he feels its' an issue that is important for residents to know about.

Town Attorney Mike Magguilli disagrees and said it is in the town's best interest not to make the process public. He said under Municipal Law 120-w, once the town receives proposals from various operators, it must begin negotiations to bring a deal that would benefit the town.

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