Battling against Lyme disease

At empirestatelymediseaseassociation.org, there is a list of ways to prevent the disease. Using bug spray with DEET in it is one way to protect from bites, but it suggests checking out the level of concentration in the spray. If it only has 7 percent, it will protect you for one to two hours. Others might use 25 to 30 percent, but there may be some children who have sensitivities to it.

The web site also suggests using premethrin, which is a human-made synthetic pyrethroid and works more as a contact insecticide. The mixture of this with DEET can be very effective. There is also the suggestion of using a vitamin B patch or lavender, which can be used as a repellent.

With medical treatments for Lyme disease costing people an average of $8,568, according to LoGuidice and Schmidt's study, Cameron suggests trying to get treated as soon as possible. He also hopes more doctors become open to the idea that their patient may have Lyme disease.

"Chronic people are frustrated because they don't want anyone else to be missed," he said. "Instead of having doctor's divides, we should have a lot more dialogue and work out a better solution."


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