County drafting law to regulate second-hand dealers

Second-hand dealers in Colonie could be facing an even more stringent law than one under consideration on the town level with the impending introduction of countywide legislation.

Albany County Legislator Gary W. Domalewicz is expected in July to introduce legislation that would restrict businesses from outside of New York state from doing business inside Albany County and force second-hand dealers to hold any items purchased for a total of 21 days.

Domalewicz said the bill has yet to even be finished, but on Tuesday, June 21, Jason Pierce of ASE Metal Recovery and president of the Albany County Dealers Association put out a press release slamming the bill for the burden it will place on businesses.

The ways in which it would limit the various members and business owners is profound, Pierce said, adding that lawmakers sometimes don't take in a broad range of perspectives before drafting a bill. "Unfortunately, lawmakers often look at the problem without all of the facts. They draft a law they believe will be the solution but they don't quite see how it will negatively impact all those affected by the law."

Pierce said the bill is similar to one passed in Suffolk County. The law requires dealers to report all secondhand articles to the police commissioner or chief of police at the end of each business day in an approved form and to be open for inspection at all reasonable times. Both Pierce and Finkle Jewelers owner Marty Finkle said they've found the law isn't enforced in Suffolk County, and said it's something they wouldn't follow in Albany County.

"I may have to order a shank or a stone from someone from outside of New York state," Finkle said. "What they're telling us is I would have to hold that for 21 days. I don't think it's constitutional. It's not going to be anything we'd ever adhere to."

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