S-G Super's budget reveals possible $1.5 million cut

"We have two healthy, well at the guidelines, fourth grades that will now become fifth grades next year," said Swartz. "Although you know this will not be my recommendation, as fourth graders, to move them to another school to less populated fifth-grade sections; we don't have less populated fifth-grade sections."

Two retiring elementary school principals will also be replaced by two current full-time employees in the district, which Swartz estimates will save $250,000 since the administrative staff members former positions wouldn't be replaced.

Students probably won't be leaving their classrooms during the school day either for field trips, because Swartz is proposing eliminating all field trips for a savings of $15,000.

"We are going to need to make better use of our technology perhaps to provide more virtual type field trips. It will never replace getting kids out to the real people, the real places and the real things," said Swartz.

Students will also have to make sure they study too because summer school is on the chopping block since it isn't mandated. That move would total $35,745 in savings. One group of students Swartz is worried about with the option of summer school being eliminated is high school seniors.

"The kids I worry about most are seniors," said Swartz. "What can we do so that seniors do not have to return for a fifth year of part of a fifth year, because my experience has been quite frankly that they won't. Kids will not come back to finish."

The district should possibly look at enrolling seniors in another school's summer program, she said, but if a student has "dug that hole to deep" they might need to return for another semester or year. She said there might be a way to step up and offer some summer school classes, but currently she isn't recommending the option. Some other considerations are to offer online credit for failed courses or establishing a type of independent study.

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