Former Saratoga rifle range to be inspected

Inspectors will survey the site visually and also check with handheld metal detectors and GPS units. They will also collect surface soil samples to a depth less than two to three inches, said Lombardo, using disposable plastic spoons about the size of an ice cream scoop.

The entire process consists of seven stages, according to information from the National Guard. First is a preliminary assessment to identify locations, research historical records, land usage and past incidents in the area. This step was completed in 2008.

Site inspections begin in summer 2011 to collect additional information, data and samples to determine if actions are warranted at a site. If action is required, that process is eligible for Defense State Memorandum of Agreement funding under the Defense Environmental Restoration Program.

"Currently we have a contractor reaching out for historical documents, old photos and records so we can identify the boundaries of this former range," said Lombardo.

Lombardo said results are expected sometime in 2012. Anyone with photos or historical documents related to the rifle range can contact Lombardo at corine.lombardo@us.army.mil or 786-4579.

There are three current National Guard training sites in Guilderland, Youngstown, Camp Smith and soldiers regularly train at Ft. Drum near Watertown.


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