Flap over flagging flags

UPDATE: On Tuesday, March 15, there were new American and New York state flags flying at the TD Bank branch.


Two tattered flags flying outside the TD Bank branch on Delaware Avenue in Delmar have been removed following an inquiry by The Spotlight, and a spokesperson for the company said replacements would be going up shortly.

The flags a faded American flag torn down the middle and what was possibly the remnants of a New York state flag were the subject of concern from some town residents, including Joe Bruno, owner of Joe's Barber Shop, located a few doors down from the bank.

Bruno, a Vietnam War veteran, said he first raised his concern about the flags with a bank employee three months ago, and that they had been in bad shape long before.

"They just looked at me like I had four eyes," he said.

"I'm even willing to buy them a flag," Bruno continued. "I went to Vietnam so I believe in our flag."

Bruno said he banks with TD and has no issue with the bank other than the flags.

Rebecca Acevedo, a corporate spokesperson for TD Bank, said the branch has been working on replacing the flags since February.

"It's just a process that we have to go through to get them and make sure they're exactly what's needed," she said. "We do understand, and we're going to replace them and get new ones out there."

Acevedo could not elaborate on the replacement process or say for sure when the flags would be replaced. On Friday, March 11, she said the bank had just received the replacements. The old flags were removed over the weekend, and as of Monday, there were no flags displayed outside the bank.

The U.S. Flag Code dictates that once the flag becomes tattered or worn, it should be destroyed and replaced. The American Legion is one organization that conducts flag-burning ceremonies.

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