Community support vital for BH-BL sports

"What we're looking at this year is we could lose an assistant coach, we could lose another level or another whole program, we could lose some equipment [funding] " but it's not as drastic as last year," he said.

Any cuts made to the athletic program would be a collaborative decision between McGuire and his varsity coaches.

"[The coaches] do their individual budgets. They send their requisitions in to me to look at," said McGuire. "They know things are tight, so they know to sharpen their pencils and think about what they are asking for before their make their budgets."

Once the numbers are in from the coaches, McGuire said he will turn to the booster clubs to help with the rest. But he knows that with families struggling to make ends meet, it may be more difficult to get the community support Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake has offered in the past.

"We're always concerned that there is only so much you can get from businesses, and there is only so much you can get from your [student-athletes'] parents," said McGuire. "Where we're at with our program, we need to get something from our parents but I can see this year where some parents will say they can't do this anymore."

McGuire will keep asking, though. He said he has to, as long as the economy continues to drift.

"I can see [donations] slowing down, but I don't see it ending," said McGuire.""

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