Latham musician to head to SXSW

"For me, as much as I enjoy performing, the real goal is more as a writer than a performer," he said, adding that he get pleasure out of tapping into his own creativity. "I've always enjoyed writing, whether it was a professional standpoint in my career in advertising in marketing, to writing music and writing songs. The opportunity to be able to move somebody with something you've written, it lasts longer for me."

Jacobs began playing guitar when he was six years old after receiving a Roy Rogers guitar for Christmas. He started taking lessons at the age of 10, and then by his teens he was in bands covering bands like Johnny Winter, Rolling Stones and Grand Funk Rail Road.

As much as it might be fun to play with a bunch of guys in a band, it becomes more difficult as people become older due to personal lives and new responsibilities. This frustrated Jacobs, so he decided to do things on his own.

Around 15 years ago he began writing and recording his own songs and started making them more humorous.

"That kind of just developed," he said. "When I decided to put together my first CD, a majority of the songs were humorous and that's what has really gotten the most notice because I think it's different from what people would normally hear and what people would normally expect."

Writing from what he knows, his topics are more targeted towards the Baby Boomer generation covering topics such as how to get along with your wife, being allergic to your job and the always humorous topic of Viagra.

"The things that I've written about are, for the most part, my life experiences and other people's life experiences that I know," he said.

He's been studying up, though, on tips of how to enjoy the SXSW festival in hopes of being better prepared when he attends on Friday.

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