Nemith cries foul on former Planning Board Chairman

"I live in Loudonville and I do 70 percent of my business in Loudonville," he said. "I find it weird for somebody to think it's strange that I have a project in Loudonville."

Nathaniel Bette said the project was completely independent of his father, except for some advice given to him, as well as a loan to pay for the project.

The Vangaurd Showhouse was purchased by Kevin Bette in 2009, and is next to the family's residence at 12 Stafford Street. On Oct. 20, the Town Building Department approved the addition to the house, according to the building permit.

Also in the permit, which was obtained by The Spotlight under the Freedom of Information Law, it states that the general contractor is First Columbia Construction. Nathaniel Bette said that the company acts as a project manager, and O'Rourke was the general contractor.

While O'Rourke said he was approached by Nathaniel, the younger Bette said O'Rourke had come up to the house and gave him his card when asking if there was anything he could do on the house.

"He came over to the house during the week, gave me his card and asked if there was any work that needed to be done because things had slowed down for him," Nathaniel said. "He had really good numbers and came in as the lowest bidder. So we brought him on to do stuff."

When later asked to clarify when he first made contact with Nathaniel Bette of the project, O'Rourke said he didn't know for sure.

"I'm not into semantics," he said.

Parente said that while there may have been a decision by the ethics board and that there was full disclosure to the town, he has issue that none of this was ever made public.

"I have difficulty with that when really the disclosure should have been to the public," he said. "Not simply to an internal organization."

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