BC athletics won't see cuts

The cuts are mainly in staffing. Three special education teaching positions, two speech therapist jobs, one social worker and a partial psychologist position would all see the ax.

The district's Pupil Personnel Services Department Director, Rita Levay, said a great deal of the challenges facing the special education program involve 240 state mandates. She said she has little hope this burden will be reduced by a state mandate relief panel.

"Those are the things that cost us money," she said. "Every one of those regulations cost us money."

The school board also tentatively authorized upping the maximum school bus ride time from 45 to 60 minutes. District officials said the change would not affect most students and would save about $60,000 by allowing several bus routes to be consolidated.

Administrators said the average student ride time now is 34 minutes and for the vast majority of students it would not change. Only a handful would approach the hour limit, they said.

The next budget workshop will be held on Wednesday, March 30, in the Middle School auditorium, at 7 p.m. That evening will cover the K-12 instructional program, and a decision on the possible closure of an elementary school is also scheduled to be made.

Any budget decisions the school board's made are tentative until the board adopts a budget, which is scheduled for April 6.""

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