Residents discourage proposed rezoning

"The issue of not wanting people around you that can't afford to buy a house that seems unfair and kind of snobbish," said Barber. "This is a viable alternative to housing, people who want maintenance-free, people who don't want to own but want to live in the area."

Contompasis also said environmental concerns worry her due to water run off, because she has a small creek going through the front lawn on her property. During times of heavy rainfall or the recent snow melting, the creek can become rather forceful stream, said Phil Contompasis.

Barber said the slope and the wetlands are all dealt with in engineering to make sure the property doesn't affect the storm water flow. The subdivision, which resident Richard Malaczynski brought up earlier, is also not a concern, according to him.

Within 1000 feet of the proposed project site there are two spot zones, with an approved zoning change adding another, and there would be 5 different zoning uses designated including B-2 General Business, I-1 Light Industrial, R-3 Multi-Family Residential, A-1 Agriculture and R-1 Single Family Residential.

The increased traffic into the area also concerned Contompasis, but her main worry remains how it would affect the community.

"We used everything we had diligently worked for, scrimped, saved and sacrificed over the years. We used everything we had to settle our family here, but we felt it was worth it for the foundation we would be providing out boys," said Contompasis. "We knew there was vacant land around and near us, but we were surrounded by established and newly developed houses. I believe we had a reasonable expectation that the zoning would not change. It seemed a single-family housing neighborhood precedent had been set."

Resident Marc Della Villa contested the town needs to bring in young adults, because they are the primary group that will spend money in the town and have more disposable income. Also, the town could start to collect taxes on land that currently is just sitting there with no revenue coming to the town.

Contompasis later said she thought the apartments would bring down surrounding home values and in turn lead to little or a decrease in revenue from taxes collected in the community.

Barber stated he was committed to investing in the property.

"If you concern is management of the property, which I would consider a legitimate concern I'm going to own the property, so clearly there has to be a leap of faith," said Barber.""

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