Parents bemoan potential loss of services

Most of the reductions in staff came from the study of student enrollment in each of the departments. There is a projected decrease in the total number of students in the district from 5,512 to 5,433. With that, Corr proposed staffing reductions of 0.1 in Health, 0.1 in Music, 0.2 in Physical Education, 0.4 in Math, 0.6 in Career and Technical Education. 0.5 in Art, 0.4 in Foreign Language, 0.6 in Science and 1 in Social Studies.

Many board members and district parents at Monday's meeting also took issue with the reduction in the Science Department at Shaker High School, including the proposed elimination of the Chemistry Center, which assists students struggling in chemistry.

The Chemistry Center helps "beef up" the course into something more college-ready, said Keith Bogert of the Science Department. Some parents were concerned that eliminating the program would mean less help for those students struggling with the subject. Bogert assured parents this was not the case.

"It's strengthening the program so it does not leave students behind," he said. "The goal is to encompass all students who fit the Chemistry E requisite as well as strengthen the program to meet all students. I'm pressed to believe any students are struggling through the program. What we have now are people sitting in the program finding it far too easy. No one in the program is finding it so hard that they're having a hard time."

Former board member David Rosenthal pleaded with the district that if it comes up with any more money as time goes on that they put it toward bringing back the Chemistry Center.

"We've lost terrible things over the years," he said. "I think somewhere along the line, if the board finds extra money, I think the Chemistry Center should see it.""

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