Galway girl competes on Jeopardy's Kids Week

"They flew us out, put us up at Universal Hilton and we got a little money for meals and transportation. It was a great experience and everybody who worked on the show was fantastic to the kids," said Kelly Martin, Brooke's mother who accompanied her. "All the kids were great, their families were so nice and everybody really went into the whole thing with the right attitude."

Martin said a bus took her and her fellow contestants to the studios ahead of their parents, where they ate breakfast in a green room and got to know one another.

"We had food which was good because it was a long bus ride and we were all really hungry. We talked to each other about where we're from, our lives, where we auditioned, and then later we went to watch the taping," said Martin.

Kids Week contestants were called up three at a time to tape and those who weren't taping got to watch all the matches from the audience.

"I was very nervous but once we got started I just got into it and you forget that the audience is there," said Martin. "It was really amazing and Alex was pretty funny."

To prepare for her Jeopardy debut, Martin got a little help from her parents. Her dad found a website with archived episodes and her Mom quizzed her on past questions.

"[The site] had pretty much every episode ever and my Mom would read them out loud and I'd try to guess the answers," said Martin. "I could usually get them right."

Martin doesn't consider herself a genius or a whiz kid.

"I read a lot, so I know a lot of stuff," said Martin.

Seeing her daughter appear on the show they watch as a family night after night was exciting and a proud moment, said Kelly Martin.

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