Town excited for energy savings

"Then it's all gravy savings after that," he said. "We'll be paid off."

This is just a pilot program for the town, Sippel said, adding that if the program is successful and still continuing, they would like to extend it to other buildings such as the Public Safety Building due to its hours of operation.

"Because of the fact it is a 24 hour, seven day a week operation with lights on all the time," he said. "Maybe make it more energy efficient since the lights have to be on anyways."

This program has also seen its success in both the City of Cohoes and Albany, and that when he heard about the program himself, he was ready to get it in place.

"In the financial situation we're still digging the town out of, it is the out of the box thinking this town needs to be engaged in," he said, "Once the department came to me and wanted to move forward, I jumped right on board with it."

Town Supervisor Paula Mahan said she is excited by the progress made by the won and the savings it will realize as a result of this program and said both Sippel and the energy committee has done a great job in looking to save the town money.

"We look forward to continuing on this savings energy plan, which goes out 20 years," she said. "As you move through the plan it pays for itself and provides the town with savings like this particular plan will do."

The project set to begin in April, Sippel said, but he is unsure of how long the process of changing out the fixtures and light bulbs will take.""

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