Colonie set to clarify job requirements

"We never understood this lawsuit," he said. "All this law is doing is clarifying a poorly drafted statute they [the previous administration] wrote."

Graziano sees it a different way. He said that when Mahan's administration was called out for appointing Cunningham, the town continued to waste taxpayer money.

"What they're doing is another example of them getting what ever they want at whatever expense of the taxpayers," he said. "They are taking a professional job and saying anybody in Albany County can have it. Saying that, I think we could probably get a person more qualified in Colonie."

Mahan said this issue was brought to their attention when they first hired Cunningham back in 2009 and said there were questions raised by the public about his qualifications. Mahan said this law is simply answering those questions.

"If we can clarify things for the public we will do that," she said. "We were looking for someone who has and understand of DPW, and how to operate it and the types of jobs it does for the town, how it is applied, looking at improving the area and all has managerial skills and administrative skills."

When asked as to why this law isn't being considered until today, Mahan said there are a lot of moving parts to consider when running a municipality.

"This is a huge town," she said. "There are things going on all the time. You may be focused on one particular topic, but I'm focused on everything going on everything going on in the town. Things happen on a daily basis and I have to tend to those things and make sure we're working to the best of our ability.""

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