Del Gallo visits family to hear apartment concerns

Developer says apartment buildings will not diminish home values

Rotterdam Town Supervisor Frank Del Gallo followed through on his vow to meet with residents as he pulled into the Contompasis family's driveway on Thursday, March 17.

During a recent Town Board meeting, a number of residents said they were opposed to the proposed zoning change off Fuez Road to R-3 Multi-Family Residential to make way for Bill Barber's proposed apartment housing project.

Del Gallo said that by talking to residents about their concerns and discussing options with Barber, it appears a compromise is possible, but it has a long way to go before any construction begins.

I do see your point, but if everybody came into Town Hall that didn't like a project the town would die and nothing would ever get built, said Del Gallo to Phil Contompasis while sitting in his truck parked in the County Walk Road resident's driveway.

Contompasis' property overlooks the proposed rezone site. He said the apartment would change the neighborhood, and while it might only directly affect a few residents, there are many community members that also do not support the zoning change.

"It is going to change the neighborhood," said Contompasis. "Rotterdam is not going to be a nice place to live to these people, it is going to be a nice place to stay. We want vested people."

His wife, Elizabeth, said there are just too many apartments being built in Rotterdam and the apartments are not needed at the proposed location. Also, she said, their property value would be affected negatively by the development. The apartments wouldn't be located within ideal walking distance to nearby areas, but there is a bus stop residents could use if they didn't own a vehicle.

Barber said that if he builds good apartments, then they would actually raise, not lower, surrounding property values.

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