Local woman recalls 10 days with Ronald Reagan

"It was very painful for him and Nancy got very upset every time we did it because it was a hard procedure for him to tolerate," said Ringler.

Once Reagan was able to sit up and walk, caring for him became almost fun, said Ringler.

"He would tell us about his time in Hollywood when he made movies and he went out of his way to make us feel at ease and comfortable, so it was kind of role reversal; as a nurse, usually we would do everything to make the patient feel comfortable but he was such a nice man," said Ringler.

Ringler got to know the President on a more personal level and she also shared a moment with the First Lady that not many can say they've had.

"She was very upset about her husband's condition and tense and she asked if any of us [nurses] would consider giving her a backrub," said Ringler. "I went with her down to President Reagan's private room and I rubbed her neck and shoulders for about a half hour usually Secret Service were in the room watching us but Nancy shut the door and for 30 minutes I was in Reagan's room alone with them."

Reagan insisted on watching replays of his shooting on the news, said Ringler, and would say over and over "I can't understand this guy's beef. I can't understand why he would do such a thing."

Soon the President's care was complete, and though he returned to the White House, he left much behind for his caretakers.

"They gave us pins, pens, White House stationary I got a signed 'thank you' note from President Reagan and for the next several years I got a White House Christmas card," said Ringler.

She also has a memento none of the other nurses do.

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