Local woman recalls 10 days with Ronald Reagan

"The King of Morocco sent [the Reagans] a beautiful silk covered round container deep with chocolate. Nancy said to one of the Secret Service 'Let everyone eat the candy and give the box to one of the nurses,'" said Ringler. "I went right up to him and said I'd like it so I have this beautiful silk covered box from the King of Morocco."

Through the years, Ringler kept in touch with members of Reagan's Secret Service team and traveled to Washington D.C. to pay her respects when her one-time patient died.

She traveled to the Capitol again March 29, and 30 of this year to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Reagan's assassination attempt. With James and Sarah Brady of the Brady Campaign, Ringler planned to spend a few hours lobbying federal legislators to pass a bill that would ban high capacity magazines like the one used in the recent Tucson shooting.

"More than taking care of the President, I felt the senselessness of gun violence [for the first time]," said Ringler.

Ever since, she's been an activist for stricter gun laws and Jim Brady, Reagan's Press Secretary who was also shot that day, invited her along for the 30th anniversary.

"We're coming to find Republicans in particular who have the guts to stand up to the gun lobby, say 'Enough is enough!' and support new legislation that will build on the Brady Law and help protect more Americans from gun violence," said Sarah Brady.

Ringler is planning to write a book about her 10 days with President Reagan.


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