Verizon brings FiOS to region

"It is a very, very labor-intensive and capital-intensive initiative to deploy fiber optics to every home and every business location, every doorstep essentially in the area," said Caldwell. "We are constantly looking for other opportunities for those that don't have access to FiOS today, we can certainly offer them voice service and Internet service at very high speeds."

Similar to Time Warner's bundle deal, Verizon is offering a TV, Internet and phone package for $99.99 a month for the first year. New DVR boxes from the company provide 500 GB of storage space, which equals 60 hours of recorded HD programming or 300 hours of standard definition. There are also over 30 "FiOS Widgets," which provide access to many popular social networking sites and online videos.

"Everything that competition brings with it is something we know customers are going to welcome," said Caldwell. "We received innumerable questions from customers as to when FiOS TV is going to be here and we couldn't be more excited to say that in fact it is here."

A demo of the FiOS offerings by Al Vasso, manager of marketing for Verizon, showed the menu guide that can be used as full screen or half-screen. Channels are clustered together by groups and color coded in the menu. Vasso said customer feedback about the program search menu has been positive.

"Flex View" programming allows customers to rent or buy movies from their TVs, with 19,000 videos in the service, 70 percent of which are free to view. There are 3,300 videos in HD. Flew view purchases also allow customers to view content on their mobile devices and computers.

"When Verizon enters the market, it is proven the service experience goes up, and that is something we are excited about. Pricing is likely to come down and that is something we know customers are going to be excited about," said Caldwell.

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