Consolidation cautiously approached

"I think we are much stronger, or could be much stronger, instead of 13 and 22, as 35. I think that the people, the talent, the resources that we could pool together would produce an even stronger department than either one of us can do right now," said Ranalli. "The village has certain expectations and the town has certain expectations, so I am not going to tell anyone here something that is not true just to make something happen."

Consolidation concepts shape up

The Village Police Department has one chief, three sergeants and nine officers currently, and the Town Police Department has one chief, two lieutenants, three sergeants, 13 officers and three detectives, with the village and includes the 13 from the village and 22 from the town. In his patrolling concept, he assumed there would be 33 officers since he expects some might leave if the consolidation is realized.

Even if the consolidation doesn't move forward, Ranalli said he didn't want the mutual aid relationship strained between the two departments.

"Our two departments work together very cooperatively, and I do not want that to change. We have accomplished a lot in the time I have been here, and I want to keep that going," said Ranalli.

Both the village and the town have a minimum of two officers on duty at all times, Ranalli said, which can sometimes be a struggle to maintain patrols. With cyber crime and other sophisticated crimes, the departments can have trouble keeping up, and while Ranalli said both departments are doing a good job, there might be a way to do it better.

"When I started in 1984, things are a lot different then than they are now. Crime has become increasingly sophisticated," said Ranalli. "While you say you have a two officer minimum for both of us, the problem with that is if those officers have cases they have to follow up on, they can't because they have to be available for calls."

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