What's your story, Saratoga?

Saratoga Springs residents have a chance to tell their stories, their way.

WMHT brought back its decade-old documentary series, Our Town, and chosen the city as one of the communities to showcase.

"WMHT has a long history of telling the region's stories from the perspective of a producer and director, but we came with this concept so the people of a given community could tell the story of their town from their own perspective," said Scott Sauer, of WMHT.

The stories of Bethlehem, Amsterdam and Hudson have already been told and Saratoga Springs will get its turn in mid-August.

What makes the series truly documentary is that residents or groups of residents actually film whatever story they're sharing and submit it to producers, who compile it.

"There are always certain ideas that we have going into a community, but what is always great is that stories come out that we in a million years might never have realized," said Sauer.

For example, he had no idea that Amsterdam was home to the "Pierogi Angels."

"We didn't know going in there would be this wonderful community group, the Pierogi Angels, who were primarily seniors who get together every holiday to make pierogis in a community church and sell them for the benefit of the community," said Sauer. "Who knew that was such a tradition and heartfelt part of them. It was something we would have missed if we hadn't let people tell it."

Sauer is especially looking forward to seeing what stories will come out of Saratoga Springs because the city was featured in the original series run 10 years ago.

"Some of the stories may overlap with what we had the first time, but they'll be told from a unique perspective, a new point of view," said Sauer. "Who knows what has come up between now and then."

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