Nisky schools pick new super

"Being a superintendent in any district is a challenging occupation, and I certainly have been successful at the seven years I have been at Sodus. I think the experiences I have had at Sodus will serve me well in any school district," said Salvaggio. "I find that every one of the community groups and staff groups that interviewed me were extremely welcoming."

One thing she liked particularly about the community was its desire to continue to find ways to improve how the district offers services to its students.

"They want those expanded 21st century opportunities for their children. I am really looking forward to that work everything in that area in that community is in a great location to really work on integrating the community fully into working with the school," she said.

While there is no "magic bullet" to solve problems in any district, she said, continuing a dialogue between the community and the school is vital to addressing any problems. Also, creative solutions can help tackle problems in a different way.

"We have certainly gotten creative here at Sodus over the last several years," she said. "We have created partnerships at Sodus that have brought people in the local community of our school and provided office space for them and work space for them."

Dealing the resources that are and aren't available to school has been a big problem, she said, with the resources that are available changing. She said the tone and attitude of the state is that schools are failing, but this isn't always the case. Districts like Sodus and Niskayuna are getting portrayed "with a broad stroke of a brush" and are not accurately represented.

"We are all living in the same economy and people have less and they are finding things more challenging, and it is easy to have all that directed at schools," she said.

Salvaggio is expected to begin her new position on or around July 1. Baughman has been working in the district for nine years.""

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