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"Around six months ago, I talked about it and it seemed like a good business concept; not something that I see anyone doing, especially in this area," said Hogan.

Hogan gets 30 percent commission on the first $300, 25 percent commission on anything greater than $500 and 10 percent commission on anything over $500. If something is more than $20,000, the rate is negotiated.

The advantage to selling an item on eBay through Excelsior Exchange instead of solo is that it'll save and sometimes even money. That's because the business is actually located inside Phoenix Shipping and Office Center.

"The unique combination of being located inside an actual shipping center makes it possible, when something sells, I actually ship it right from this location. As soon as it's dropped off, I can list it and ship it from the same location," said Hogan.

Hogan doesn't classify his business as strictly an eBay seller because for some items, particularly larger ones, he sells it on other websites.

"Like with a horse trailer [I have right now], those you don't sell on eBay and ship it. Generally with large items is they get put on Craigslist here locally and then that way the person comes here, looks at it, picks it up and it's a local sale," said Hogan.

That aspect of his business makes it a good time for people to consider selling big items they weren't sure what to do with before, said Hogan.

"A lot of the reasons why people don't do it themselves is because a lot of people don't want to sell things out of their house where they have people coming to their house that they don't know," said Hogan. "It's a safety thing."

Excelsior Exchange has been open for a couple months and seen limited customer traffic, though that's increasing each week. Hogan has sold collectibles, tools and sporting gear so far.

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