REMS wins services bid

Before casting the first vote in favor of REMS, Deputy Supervisor Robert Godlewski noted it has taken the current board a year and a half to reach the decision.

"We have that process that calls for bidding this service out every two years and because we have that process in place, everybody understands the rules of the game as we go forward," said Godlewski.

After the vote, James McPartlon, vice president for Mohawk, was disappointed by the town's decision. He couldn't confirm or deny if Mohawk would submit another bid proposal in two years.

Tom Nardacci said in a statement, "We are disappointed by the actions of the Town board tonight. We put forward a tremendous proposal that would have benefited the taxpayers of Rotterdam and ensured top notch service and care."

Brodie commented the board hasn't questioned the service provided by REMS.

"There has never been a question on the quality of care they provide," said Brodie. "It is a blessing from the town board to the organization that allows them and recognizes them for outstanding service."

Del Gallo said the town would sit down with REMS to discuss how many calls were made and how much money was collected in previous ALS fees that weren't given to the town. REMS has said there was a verbal agreement from the previous administration for them to keep the funds.

"Instead of having litigation and spending money on lawyers, we will just come to an agreement," said Del Gallo. "We don't want to go to litigation they are a good company."

After voters turned down the proposed tax district, REMS had their town funding pulled at the beginning of the year and was cut of from the town's fuel pumps by Del Gallo shortly after losing funding.

"The difference here is the taxpayers are paying for the services, their insurance company is paying for their services, so they are not paying twice," said Del Gallo.""

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