Police probe video ‘threats’

Online attack against Nisky’ students spur investigation

— An attack happening on school grounds was suggested in the video, Rickert said. This created a “two-pronged problem,” he said, because school officials had to deal with the alleged threats towards the two students while trying to manage and control fast spreading rumors.

“As kids became aware of the videos … the rumors began to develop on how this was going to happen,” Rickert said. “I think the difficult part for the kids … is not hearing what exactly the police are doing leads them to create in their minds what is going on.”

The rumor of a third video related to a shooting threat also spread throughout the community and Rickert addressed these concerns in an email to parents over the weekend. School officials and police have only confirmed the existence of the first two videos.

School officials also are advising parents to communicate to their child that school is a safe place.

“The concern surrounding the YouTube videos and subsequent rumors and speculation had combined to create an atmosphere at the high school that is less than ideal. We want all students to feel safe and secure on our campus and in our schools,” Niskayuna Superintendent Susan Salvaggio said in a statement to parents.

After Monday went by without incident the student body appears to be more at ease, according to Rickert.

“Today was much, much better, you didn’t sense the anxiety you had in the halls yesterday,” Rickert said after school on Nov. 1.

Police are now focusing their investigation on tracking down who posted the video online. The department is working with another agency for technical support, too.

“We are currently actively conducting the IT or computer end of it with the objective of determining which computer it is sent from and identifying who sent it,” Lubrant said. “We want to address it because it was very disruptive to the academic atmosphere.”

Anyone with information on the incident is urged to contact the Niskayuna Police Department by calling 374-3159 or High School Administration at 382-2511, and the proper extension number: Principal John Rickert at ext. 21702 or jrickert@niskyschools.org, Assistant Principal Rebecca Gleason at ext. 21709 or rgleason@niskyschools.org and Assistant Principal Mark Treanor at ext. 21704 or mtreanor@niskyschools.org.

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