Rotterdam budget talks divide board

Preliminary budget hearing leads with board’s disagreement

— Tangarone said he talked to the New York State Comptroller’s Office the afternoon before the Nov. 2 meeting, after meeting with DiLeva the same day.

“The information is, in order to accomplish this (reallocating the fund balance) you must do a study based on a rational, reasonable, defendable allocation process that needs to be documented,” Tangarone said.

Godlewski said the allocation cannot be arbitrarily determined and it needs to be based on the process Tangarone stated. DiLeva said she would provide Tangarone with the documentation he requested within a week.

“It has never been done before in this town,” Godlewski said. “Here we have a tax cap … and all this is doing is a way to get around the tax cap.”

DelGallo said to DiLeva that she should “be doing her wheeling in Las Vegas.”

Shortly after DelGallo made his statement he stepped away from the board momentarily and DiLeva said she has had enough with DelGallo’s treatment of her.

“I’m done with taking the disrespect that that man has given me because I am a woman on this board for the last few years,” DiLeva said, which was followed with applause from the audience.

Godlewski then questioned why DiLeva ordered a correction to a typo in the preliminary budget resolution adopted at the previous meeting, but Calder quickly interjected.

“Every time we try to do something you throw a wrench in it,” Calder said. “Is this all your job is here, to throw a wrench into things?”

Once the public hearing started, Joseph Villano, a Republican candidate who failed in his Town Board bid in the election, was the first to voice concerns with the budget.

“(The budget) is an incredible reckless use of our capital accounts,” Villano said. “The jobs cut under DelGallo’s plan were fiscally sound … those jobs got restored to the budget, however, at an incredible cost, the cost is our future security.”

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