Glenville budget talks enter ‘silly season’

GOP and Dems spar over campaign claims

— A political tinge was present at the Town of Glenville’s budget hearing, which started with a board member’s rebuttal to campaign literature about the town’s tax rate.

The Glenville Town Board held a public hearing for the 2012 Preliminary Budget on Wednesday, Nov. 2, but before the hearing Deputy Supervisor Alan Boulant chided Democrat candidates John Lockwood and Michele Draves, Town Board and town clerk candidates, respectively. Both candidates ended up losing their bids against the Republican incumbents.

“I remember two years ago when we all ran … we didn’t play the negative, ignorant and non-factual information, we played it straight,” Boulant said. “To have this information posted in public is a disservice to the two individuals on the bottom, Ms. Draves and Mr. Lockwood, because they did not do any FOILed information to come up with this information.”

Boulant was referring to mailers from the Democratic candidates asserting that in the past three years the cumulative tax increase was 11 percent.

Boulant claimed former Democratic supervisor Frank Quinn probably provided the information to the candidates, because the information was on par with what Quinn has said during public meetings.

“I put my heart and soul into this town … and we have to defend ourselves against propaganda and it is frustrating,” Boulant said.

After Boulant’s statements, Draves said she was compelled to respond to his allegations. She said after going through the budget numbers of the past three years, the cumulative tax finding was clear.

“That is why we put the (campaign literature) together and that is why we notified all the residents,” Draves said.

Quinn once again challenged the board to find further cost savings. He said the 2011 budget overestimated employee benefits cost by $448,905. He said the board could achieve a zero percent tax levy increase by using roughly $175,000 of this surplus, which would still leave over $270,000.

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