Letter: Let's keep the dialogue open

Editor, The Spotlight:

Another election season has come and gone in the Town of Bethlehem. I would like to congratulate John Clarkson, Joann Dawson, Jeffrey Kuhn, Nanci Moquin, Gregg Sagendorph, Nancy Mendick, and Mark Jordan on their successful elections to office, and I wish them all the best of luck in their upcoming positions. I would also like to thank all of the candidates for their efforts throughout the election process. As a candidate myself, I have a new found respect for any person willing to commit the time and effort required to run a campaign.

I want to take a moment to thank my wife, Rebekah, for her unwavering love and support throughout the election process, and thank the countless friends, volunteers, and supporters who worked so hard on my campaign. I also want to thank the residents of Bethlehem for giving me the opportunity to run for office in our town. It was truly an honor.

Although I was not able to secure a seat on the Town Board, I am very proud of the time and effort our campaign team put into this election cycle, and I am proud of the issues-focused campaign we ran. Debate is an essential part of the political process, as it allows all points of view to be heard. I believe we were able to bring many issues facing the town to the forefront of our political discussion, and this dialogue is not only healthy, but also vital to our town’s future.

And so I ask, now that the elections are over, do not let the dialogue fade. It is important to stay involved in your community and in your town government. In our republic (our form of government), representatives are democratically elected to represent you. Come to the Town Board meetings, bring up your concerns, and make your voices heard. Let your elected officials know when you agree or disagree with their positions. They will thank you for your input, and our Town of Bethlehem will benefit from the discussion.

Again, on behalf of our entire campaign team, I say Thank You.

See you at the next Town Board meeting,

Jeremy Near

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