Town Hall work coming to an end

Problems with the parapet were first identified in 2009. Messina floated proposals for $1.8 million worth of projects in 2010, which would have included a number of repairs, including parapet work and renovation of the courthouse roof. While a number of those projects were approved, no action was taken on the work to either of the structures.

“We’ve decided to invest in our Bethlehem Town headquarters facility because we will be here for a while, I think,” said Messina. “But, we’re not going to invest more than we need to properly maintain this facility.”

Messina said the town would need to make future decisions regarding its space needs at Town Hall. A 2006 study concluded building a new Town Hall would be desirable, but also indicated that project would cost millions.

“I’m not sure what the future holds in terms of providing necessary space requirements,” Messina said. “There are a bunch of options that I believe the new board will be considering.”

“My feeling all along was that we had strong recommendations from our staff to do this work, as well as some other work,” Messina said. “Eventually, although it took longer, we got it all done.”

Messina said the work took about five and a half months. Department of Public Works Commissioner Erik Deyoe said that contractors removed the majority of scaffolding from the building at the beginning of November.

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