Editorial: The Spotlight gives thanks for our family of readers

Let’s get right down to it: Thanksgiving is a great holiday, maybe even the best holiday.

This Thursday, families across this nation will come together for the express purpose of reconnecting, sharing, eating and making merry. What could possibly top that?

There will be no monthlong buildup of stress and extended evenings, no ridiculous expectations to meet. The greatest hazards and stresses will likely be placed on our frail bodies, which will be gorged to their limits with delicious comfort food.

Families get together for a really, really great meal and then take the rest of the day off. They visit, talk and think about the good things in life. It’s that simplicity more than any history lesson that lends Thanksgiving to contemplation of what we have.

Even in these tough times, folks across the Capital District and country will sit down to a full meal, and those who cannot afford to do so can turn to one of many organizations providing dinners.

The plenty people in this country know is surely something to be thankful for, as is the generosity of those who give what they have to benefit strangers.

But the simplicity of the holiday isn’t really what makes Thanksgiving so special. It’s the people you spend the day with, some of whom you probably don’t see nearly enough.

Here at The Spotlight, we’re first and foremost all thankful for our families. This holiday certainly serves as an important reminder the most precious things in our lives are our loved ones, not our possessions.

We’re also thankful for all those who cross our paths in any given week, from those who tell us their stories to our advertisers who make this whole enterprise possible.

But we’re also thankful for you, the reader. The fact there are so many people who take interest in their communities is heartening to us, and not only because that’s what we do here. We think it’s encouraging to know that people still care about their neighbors.

So from us at The Spotlight to you and yours, enjoy and savor not only this Thanksgiving meal but also the company of those you share it with, and have a happy holiday season to come.

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