Letter: Make time for more than football

Football is Just a Game!

I am wondering if I am the only Bethlehem Central resident who is concerned about some the priorities we are teaching our children. Today, I have the football team, in mind.

From the day a student enters the program, it is clear that complete commitment is required of him. Football must become the most important thing in his life. I know that scholastic averages must be upheld, still, it is expected that Football will be his god. It seems to me that a coach worth his salt would see that these children have real spiritual needs that should be met and thus would be slow to schedule Sunday morning scrimmages and other activities that would take them out of their home churches. However, this seems not to be the case. Here is a crowning example of a twisted priority: at the end of the season, when our stalwart boys have certainly earned a gala celebration (as have their parents who have faithfully sat on cold bleachers through all of those games), when do you suppose this event was scheduled? You guessed it, at 11AM on a Sunday morning.

To me there is something wrong with this picture. High School days come to an end. Some may go on to college sports and a tiny percentage may become professionals. Even so those careers tend to end early. Then what? Win or lose, I feel football should be a sport and in no way replace God in young lives.

Martha Slingerland


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