POV: X-Mas means family memories

I put that in the back of my mind and hoped to find one for him for Christmas. I talked with our friends and found out where they had purchased it. The shop was all out but agreed to order it. It was much more that I would normally spend but I knew Jim would be thrilled. Christmas came and the excitement grew in me as I was finally going to be able to give Jim the gift. He opened it and his response was not what I expected. He said something like, “That’s nice,” or “I like that.”

I was disappointed but tried not to dwell on it. Months later, while watching television together, Jim pointed over to the shelf where that special gift sat and said, “That’s beautiful. Where’d we get it?”

I guess it’s not just my children who humble me. When I told Jim I had given it to him for Christmas, he turned bright red. It was a good color to be at holiday time and I thoroughly enjoyed his apologies over and over again. The little girls still have a special place in our home and once in a while I remind Jim where we got them.

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