Glenville residents speak out at public hearing on tax cap

Supervisor tells residents he doesn't plan on raising taxes over cap

— Even though Glenville Supervisor Chris Koetzle claimed he was not planning on raising taxes over the state mandated cap, residents expressed their anger over the fact the board was even considering it.

Several residents got up to speak out against the board’s consideration to override the tax levy established by the New York State Legislature earlier this year. Many were claiming the town board did not have the interests of the residents in mind, was violating the faith of the cap and even calling them “scumbag politicians.”

“I’m very much against the idea for a law to override the tax cap,” said resident Shauna Thompson. “I don’t think it’s a good idea and I am speaking very much against it.”

Another resident, Larry Schwartz, even suggested some of his own solutions the town could do to avoid having the raise taxes. He suggested eliminating any luxury services the town provides, such as the roadside leaf pickup, as he believes that it is something many of the residents could be doing themselves

“It’s a luxury,” he said. “During hard economic times, I’m perfectly willing to take care of weeds and clippings. Why not just take individual responsibility and do it on your own… it’s the perfect example of a luxury service. If you went through the budget, you’d probably find more, too.”

Koetzle tried to quell the fervor of the crowd by letting them know that the town is merely considering passing it to use the override in case of an emergency. All of the town board members said they had no plans of raising taxes past the cap.

Town Attorney Michael Cuevas explained that it was his suggestion that the town might want to have this tool at its disposal after looking at the preliminary numbers. He said because of the amount of time it takes to have an action such as passing an override approved by the New York State Department of State, the town might want to get started now.

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