Letter: GOP blew it

Editor, The Spotlight

The Republican Committee blew it. Is there no Republican that the committee could have run for supervisor?

Republicans over the many years made this town one of the best places to live, work and play. They gave us water and sewer systems that are second to none. They gave us a noble and responsive police force, a volunteer fire department that we can be proud of and properly zoned developments that fill every need. No other town provides better highway care. The beautiful town parks and pool were built by Republicans. Republicans should be proud and determined to continue this fine service to the community. Whereas, the Democrats have been self serving and can show little for their time in office.

One Democrat supervisor quit for a state job; another lost to a dissatisfied fellow Democrat (endorsed by the Republican party) and turns up working in the Town of Colony's Democrat administration. And now we have a candidate endorsed by both the Democrat party and the Republican Committee who lost by nearly 2 to 1 in a Democrat primary. How embarrassing. The Republicans will likely lose the coming election with a ‘Democrat Committee endorsed Democrat’ on the Republican line.

The Republican Committee needs to call a meeting, retract the endorsement of Kotary and offer a candidate of its own. If it is too late to get that candidate on the ballot, they should start a write-in campaign. And finally it needs to be reorganized. I for one, will write in Mickey Mouse if I have to, to preserve a two party system in our town.

John T. LaForte


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RichardReevesEllington 4 years, 4 months ago

Electoral politics Albany style deprives most party rank and file the opportunity to have candidates who represent them in terms of principles and issues. The scenario is roughly as follows: the political party power holders get together and form alliances between themselves. The usual have been Dems and WFP, GOP and Conservatives, with the Independents party a swing group.l This year, it was more blatant. The Democrats and Republicans joined together, leaving the Conservatives and WFP in the cold. Also, individual candidates aligned with parties having conflicting viewpoints in order to garner more votes. This system is candidate focused and not focused on issues and party principles. Mr. Clarkson combines the Democratic and Conservative lines, while Mr. Kotary the Republican and Independent lines. Both are registered Democrats, which would have left three parties without representative candidates. We see candidates straddling party lines and not crossing them on issues.That is why I joined the race on the WFP line. It is time to include all in the political process instead of ignoring the rank and file.

I am running because I believe all rank and file should have a candidate who truly represents them. Here is an issue that does reach across parties lines. I would ask those who feel disenfranchised by their party to join me in protesting politics as usual. Let's join together to retake our political process.

For more please see www.bethlemsupervisor.com.


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