Letter: Nisky' senior dept. in jeopardy

Editor, The Spotlight

In the almost 4 years of the Landry Administration, the Niskayuna Seniors have experienced many changes with the staffing of their program– many questionable.

Starting with the disruption of a long standing Department Heads position by dividing it into two, giving equal pay to a new, inexperience person with little qualifications. This new position, never advertised as was the custom of previous administrations, but given to a “Friend of a Friend.” The next change came when the Supervisor eliminated the Civil Service Title of Receptionist, knowing one person held that title and her office was at Town Center, part of her duties was working with the Seniors.

Now two months ago a loyal, trusted long time Senior Planner and Coordinator was replaced by yet another employee forcing her to resign. At that time, our experienced chef handed in her resignation due to a family situation. It was agreed that she would prepare the Senior luncheons in the evening and freeze them for the Tuesday and Thursday meals. That arrangement would continue until a replacement could be found. So far, no replacement has been hired and now the Committee is looking into prepared meals such as “Meals on Wheels”– more changes for Niskayuna Seniors.

At a recent Senior Committee Meeting attended by Supervisor Landry. Councilman Kasper, several Senior Committee members and Ms. Steemburgh the new Senior Coordinator, the hiring of this part-time helper was discussed. The young man in question was recommended by a staff members son who went to Community College with him. I asked if he was a Town resident and was told "yes" so much for who ever interview this person. The job description was for a “Kitchen worker” unlike what the Town Board Resolution read.

My comments included asking "Why Councilman Murphy McGraw was not involved since she is closely aligned with the Schenectady County Community College excellent Culinary Arts Program, and may know a person who might be interested in that part-time position. Councilman Kasper then pulled the resolution for more information.

Much has changed for the Seniors who attend the Two day a week program. Loyal, caring personnel have been replaced, trips have been reduced and now the successful Luncheon program is in jeopardy.

One can only imagine what the Town Board has in store for the this year.

Lorene H. Zabin

Senior Committee Member, Niskayuna

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