Letters: Clifton Park is at a crossroads

— Editor, The Spotlight:

My name is Wanda Zygmuntowicz and I'm a candidate for Town Council Member of Clifton Park.

Like many communities in upstate New York, we are facing great challenges. We all know this. Clifton Park and our Saratoga region are at an important crossroads - where we need to balance unprecedented and dramatic development with land conservation to ensure the continuation of a healthy environment, a scenic landscape, local food production, and a high quality of life.

Smart public and private investments in true green Infrastructure and in a variety of local businesses – based on a thoughtful assessment of what Clifton Park needs – will pay dividends for many generations of our residents.

However, in our town, it seems as if we are not fully engaged in proactively examining options for what will best provide a healthy economic environment for businesses as well as support the best interests of all our residents. As a business owner and a home owner, I know that Town Hall can do better.

It is a town leader's responsibility to ask the right questions that will answer what our residents need most. As a Town Council member representing YOU, I will work with the rest of our town board – regardless of our individual political affiliations – to ask the questions that will focus us on bringing town development back into balance, urban sprawl under control, true open space preservation and infrastructure improvement, responsible budgeting, and proactive partnership with ALL businesses and residents to balance our cultural, farm and business community needs instead of focusing merely on the wants of a few with influence or loud voices.

Today, rather than continuing frustrating patterns of reactive tactics, we need fresh thinking and new ideas to create and manage workable development policies for residents AND business owners, and well thought out green and social initiatives for Clifton Park that are not only proposed, but finally implemented and managed successfully. Our town needs more responsible stewards of not only our financial, but also our natural resources to provide for a healthy and sustainable community for our families and our neighbors, and to protect and improve our quality of life. We need to lead our town in a way that benefits ALL of Clifton Park without regard to politics or self interest.

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