Letters: Our elected leaders must work together

— Editor, The Spotlight:

Yesterday I was visiting friends in Ballston Lake; as soon as I came in the door I was greeted with the news that they were deep into local town politics, with Paul seeking his first office as a town council member. The enthusiasm was palpable; Diane talked of going house to house to acquaint the residents with their ticket, its participants and what they hoped to achieve. It is a new approach and one that intrigued me—two Independents, a Democrat and a registered (but not by party) young man have banded together in a truly non-partisan approach to meeting the needs of the residents of their town. They are committed to doing what is best for their constituents, and call themselves PUTTING BALLSTON FIRST, or the Ballston Firsters. Led by the Supervisor in office now, Patti Southworth, they have great expectations for the upcoming election. Signs everywhere are grouped closely together and confirm their dedication to working together regardless of party ties. It seems to me that this is what we need at the highest levels of government; anyone who cares about what is happening to this country has to concede that partisanship politics is the main culprit. Perhaps the example of a small town like Ballston with 9000 population can inspire others to try another way. Good luck in the coming election to the non-partisan coalition of Southworth, Hogan, Simpson and Ogle.

Helen Wallace Fitzgerald


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