Letters: Voters should think about Ballston's future

— Editor, The Spotlight:

Now that the Primary Election is behind us, the general election is before the voters. You will be seeing signs indicating the slate for the Ballston First Candidates. Paul Simpson and Bruce Hogan are running for seats on the Town Council. Robert Ogle is running for the position of Town Clerk. Patti Southworth, our current Town Supervisor is running for re-election and it is hoped that with the Ballston First candidates being successful in their election efforts, she will finally be able to implement her Five Year plan for the town, which she has been requesting from the board for some time, but has been blocked from doing.

The constant battling with the current majority on the existing Town Board has prevented this community from benefitting from sound fiscal policies. If we are proactive in governing the Town, by utilizing her 5 year plan, rather than having the Town of Ballston be faced with what amounts to a crisis management situation when issues such as the water tower painting requirement and the water pumping station arise, these events will have been budgeted and planned for well in advance.

Please! Think about what you want from your Town Board and elect the entire slate of the Ballston First candidates on November 8.

Nancy Sangster

Ballston Lake

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Holly 4 years, 3 months ago

 I agree that Patti Southworth has been stymied by certain

council members along the way. Thank goodness that there are two seats open on the Ballston Town Council which may help level the playing field. Patti Southworth has worked hard for the good folks of our town always looking towards the future and planning ways to meet her future goals without placing a Town tax burden on our backs. However asking folks to blindly vote for the "entire slate of the Ballston First candidates" just because they will agree with Patti Southworth and make her job easier, I believe may be a loss for all of us. Many decisions or plans need to be debated, not just rubber stamped. Debate through opposition brings about new ideas, different opinions, and the opportunity to learn, and improve.
Sure this does slow down the system. As for myself I would rather hear many opinions and become informed on a subject rather than relying on a unilateral vote on any proposition. Debate from opposing Parties is what makes democracy work. To all of the folks of the Town of Ballston please take the time to vote this November. It doesn't matter who you vote for, what matters is that you take the time to find out about the candidates who are running for our town council. Read the good and the bad, and make an informed decision.


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