Letters: Water solutions key in Ballston race

— Editor, The Spotlight:

Never mind, "Who's on first?” When it comes to taking care of Ballston residents, Supervisor Patti Southworth again hits one out of the ballpark, while her competition can't get out of their own way, let alone the bull-pen.

The day after the State Department of Health informed the County Board of Supervisors that the County water tested above approved levels, Supervisor Southworth convened a meeting of the Town Water Commissioners, the current Town Council. There she and Water Superintendent Joe Whalen presented their case for switching back to Glenville water until the County could fix the problems with the water.

The only voting members of the Town Board to support this were Patti Southworth and Jeremy Knight. Tim Szczepaniak, Kim Ireland, and Mary Beth Hines did not feel that the many complaints received by Joe, nor the DOH information provided to the Supervisor, was enough justification to switch water sources.

Well, the water WAS a big issue, so big that Supervisor Southworth agreed to support the switching of water source last week. So big that one Republican candidate, running for Town Council, raised it at a County Board of Supervisors Meeting, unfortunately after the water had been switched, obviously unaware of any and all efforts by Patti and Joe to protect the residents of Ballston.

At the very least the GOP team might want to meet and compare notes once in a while. AFTER they thank Patti Southworth and Joe Whalen for doing their jobs, they might want to find out why Tim was not concerned about our water problem and why he became part of the problem and not the solution.

Peter Petrillose

Burnt Hills

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