LETTER: Messy Bethlehem politics leave voters with few choices

Editor, The Spotlight:

What a plethora of choices we have in the upcoming Bethlehem Supervisor’s race.  A totally toothless Republican Party who cannot even field a candidate.  A warring Democratic Party with a Spitzer devotee fighting it out with someone who worked for Al Gore (God help us).  Add to that a Conservative Party that is not conservative and an Independence Party that is not independent.  Finally, in to save the day is a Working Families Party candidate who was a Visiting Professor at a Bulgarian university and once worked with Saul Allinski. 

So, those of us who vote are faced with a decision as to which is the lesser of three evils. 

Whose fault is this messy situation?  Bethlehem residents, it is our fault.  Only a small percentage of us vote in school board and local elections and some of us vote for a party that our ancestors supported. 

The heck with Mickey Mouse, I’m thinking of writing in Sponge Bob!

Philip W. Carter


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