LETTER: Reeves-Ellington a candidate with integrity and intelligence

Editor, The Spotlight:

I am writing this letter in support of Richard Reeves-Ellington, candidate for Bethlehem Supervisor. I see Richard as an exceptional community leader--a man of integrity, intelligence, competence, and experience. His tremendous success in business, and his outstanding reputation as scholar and college professor make him an exceptional candidate to provide the leadership we need in this community. His thorough knowledge of the issues and his thoughtful stance on them--including prioritizing job creation for local businesses; support for quality public education; ensuring retirement security for all citizens; attaining property tax relief--all these critical issues (and more) demand the kind of focused, insightful, informed, competent leadership that Reeves-Ellington offers. He is an engaging man, with a positive, achievable, and inspiring vision for our community. In business he learned that great leaders are also great listeners. As a teacher, he learned that one of the facets of great leadership is empowering and enabling others to act and to succeed. As an activist, he has demonstrated his commitment to civic engagement. This is the type of leadership we need. With his experience, energy, and dedication to common good, Reeves-Ellington is the right leader for our community, and I encourage everyone to support him as a candidate for Bethlehem Supervisor.

Bill Kelly


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RichardReevesEllington 4 years, 4 months ago

I want to comment on another letter from Philip Carter located in the hard copy of the Spotlight. I don't quarrel with his opinions but do take umbrage with his selective listing of my vita. He is right that I was a visiting professor at the University of Sofia for two years, a part of a Fulbright Research Grant that included teaching and research at the American University in Bulgaria. That was While on leave as a Professor in the School of Managment at Binghamton University where I was later an Associate Dean and Dean. He also omits that I was in the international pharmaceutical industry for 33 years, many of which were with the Procter and Gamble Company as a Vice President.

For those interested in more about me, please visit bethlehemsupervisor.com or rreevesellington.com They will provide a more balanced story, I believe.


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