LETTER: You can still make your vote count

Editor, The Spotlight:

There are a lot of voters in the Town of Bethlehem that feel disenfranchised by their political party. But, these voters must not lose sight of the importance of voting. This is not an excuse to stay home on Election Day. Every vote counts in an election, and there are choices to make from those running. The best candidate for each office , based on where they stand on issues, should get your vote.

I ask the voters to look closely at each and every candidate, their credentials and backgrounds, where they stand on the issues , how they have supported their position in the past, and what they hope to do in the future. Use the information you obtain from the media, in the candidate’s literature, in the debates and public forums and from talking to the candidates themselves to find out more about them.

As a member of the Executive Committee of the Conservative Party, I know that we choose a candidate after they request a review of their resume and they personally appear before the board for an interview. We ask questions on where they stand on issues and what plans they have, if elected. Previous positions and votes may be questioned.

We vote for the candidate that best represents our philosophy from that pool of candidates seeking our party line. We certainly want a fiscal conservative that will not spend the taxpayer’s money unnecessarily. Cross endorsements are not bad, when there are no available party candidates and the other party candidates meet our expectations, it informs the voter of our values.

No candidate is perfect. But we should strive to find the one that is our best representative. That candidate is not necessarily the friend of friend or the nice guy someone knows. It is the candidate that best represents you in most of your ideals.

The Conservative Party has a diverse group of candidates to choose from including our own Conservative Party members and cross endorsed candidates. If you like the candidate but not the party they are running under, you can make a statement to the candidate and the party by voting for them on the Conservative Line. Vote Row C for Good Government, Fiscal Responsibility and Family Values.

Be informed, make a choice, and be sure to vote on November 8th.

Robert Jasinski


The writer is vice chairman of the Bethlehem Conservative Party.

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