Sand Creek tells bullies to Zip-It

Teachers at middle school hope students treat new campaign as an oath

— Penn said there are other things the school is trying to implement to help combat bullying. On Oct. 18, students will be asked at lunch to sit with kids they may not usually sit with. It is an idea that was brought up by the student council as a way to promote tolerance. Penn said one of the ways it will be done is by sitting people born in the same month with one another.

“It’s funny, because one of the conversations we had with the kids was: ‘Well, what if we sit with these people and don’t have anything to talk about or have nothing in common?’” Penn said. “So we asked, ‘How do you know you don’t have things in common?’ You have to step back and rethink your beliefs about people you don’t know.”

Balkwell said Fly 92.3 has been running a new ad for the campaign that features pop star Selena Gomez encouraging kids to get involved in the program. It is something she feels will help students connect with the message. Some teachers have been trying to come up with an incentive to get kids to sign up, Balkwell said, but she said they’ve mainly been putting it in fliers and sending them home on the school’s newsletter, “The Sand Pebble.”

She hopes that students and parents don’t just see the campaign as just a piece of paper, she hopes people treat it as an oath.

“Hopefully the kids will take it seriously and see it can be an effective thing,” Balkwell said. “It’s not just in our school. A lot of schools have had people signing up.

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