Candidates in Malta spar

— Henry is running on the Democratic and Working Families Party lines and said she’s already had an active voice in the town.

“I’ve served on numerous town committees and regularly attend Town Board meetings. I fought to have town meetings more accessible,” said Henry.

Klotz and Thomas, both running on the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines, said they’ve been dedicated board members.

“[I] am an outspoken advocate for Malta’s hardworking taxpayer. I made it a top priority to make Malta government accessible to the community with a future designed by all of us,” said Thomas. “I’ve been to 484 meetings in less than four years. That measures my commitment to the town.”

The night started off with light questions, with supervisor candidates asked to explain their management style and plan.

Young said leaving a bulk of the work to “professional” department heads is key.

“We have hired good, quality department heads, professionals, and I think as supervisor we need to let those professionals do their jobs,” said Young. “I see a part of this Town Board quite often micromanaging what the professionals recommend or do and I think that’s part of it; when you’re managing, it’s not managing a lot of individuals.”

Sausville disagreed with Young’s approach to leadership.

“You’re ultimately responsible, along with the Town Board and other department heads, in leading. If you simply leave it up to department heads to provide leadership I think you haven’t done your full job,” said Sausville.

But soon, a question looming on the minds of several audience members about the “vision” for Malta over the next five to 10 years came up.

Sausville, who spent six years as a councilman before clocking the last five as supervisor, said concerns over excessive population growth within the town shouldn’t prevail.

“We have brought GlobalFoundries to our town and it will be a substantial change for us. Bear in mind, only 2,000 people will be employed here and that will be shared throughout the Capital District area,” said Sausville. “In terms of population growth, you have to look at things regionally.”

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