Board wants less borrowing, less taxes

Bethlehem leaders to look at specific cuts at next meeting

— Kotary said he think it might be time for the town to take a hard look at its services, mentioning the amount of paving the Highway Department does every year.

“There are certain areas one could argue we over service the public,” Kotary said.

Messina countered that the town has already trimmed the fat through measures like increasing fees, doing less paving and keeping vehicles on the road for longer.

Mood at the meeting was cordial, though at this juncture there are no line-by-line cuts on the table. It was promised that the next workshop would see some discussion on specific areas.

“I’m also at the point where we’ve got a lot of information. … If we can get this to a place where the numbers look different, maybe we can close this,” Hennessey said.

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RichardReevesEllington 3 years, 11 months ago

An interesting conversation between the Board members with the citizens of Bethlehem outside of the loop, at a time they should have a voice. The Board discussion sounded like an internal board argument, based on hard political positions.

For example, no matter what type of budget that emerges, services will have to be reduced. The question is what should they be and here is where the citizens should have an active voice. Certainly, reduced services need to cover all of the Town's constituencies: youth services, family services, and services for the older segment of the population. Each of these should have some say in what they are willing to give up. This can be done in town meetings, town board meetings, and on line questionnaires.

Such an approach would require a published list of current services and costs, stated in actual dollars and percent of the budget.

If elected supervisor, This is where I would start. Collect data from Bethlehem citizens, and then base the budget development on these learnings;

For more,l please see my website: www.bethlehemsupervisor.com


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