Letter: DelGallo won't bow to pols

Editor, The Spotlight,

The Town of Rotterdam has a history of mud slinging with regard to political office holders but this year has to be an all time high! Both major parties are throwing mud and too much of it is landing on the taxpayers! Of particular concern is the mud slinging by the Democratic Party aimed at the sitting Town Supervisor Frank DelGallo! Many remember Mr. DelGallo was the favorite son of the Party before being elected two years ago! Much has changed during these two years and now they are doing their best to unseat the only Town Supervisor who listened to taxpayers and not Party bosses! The unfortunate thing is they may succeed in their efforts and Rotterdam will be back under the control of politicians and not the people! Knowing Frank DelGallo for over half a century I know he can be stubborn when he feels he is right on an issue! This being said I also know he is a benevolent person who cares for his neighbors and the community at large! Not being a politician he doesn’t follow normal procedure, which is bowing to the demands of Party stalwarts! This is what has caused the Democratic Party to ostracize him and handpick someone who will do their bidding! Frank DelGallo may lose the election but he won’t lose the admiration of many taxpayers who know he was working on their behalf! A lesser man would have just quit and gone away silently! Frank DelGallo is a much bigger man than those who oppose him and Rotterdam is a better place due to his service to the taxpayer!

Gary P. Guido


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