Letter: Mendick the choice for receiver of taxes

Editor, The Spotlight:

A number of years ago, 1992 to be exact, I purchased a home in Elm Estates in Bethlehem. I happened to meet Nancy Mendick, and when she found out that I lived in her Town, she treated me like a new neighbor. She informed me that she was the Receiver of Taxes for the Town. She wanted to make sure that I was receiving the basic STAR exemption and told me that if I needed any help to call her. A couple years ago I did have a tax question and felt very comfortable calling her and receiving an answer that I understood.

I believe that Nancy treats everyone this way as a neighbor that truly cares. When her husband and she go to garage sales, after the sale is made, Nancy usually introduces herself and makes sure that the homeowner is receiving the exemptions they are entitled to…that’s how much she cares. Additionally, she even carries the STAR exemption forms in the car! Furthermore, she doesn’t do this just at election time, rather each and every year.

She is a true public servant and seems to enjoy treating everyone in the Town as her neighbor. I know I will be voting for Nancy Mendick for Receiver of Taxes as I want to keep someone that truly cares about people in this important position.

Dana C. Flint


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